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Anti Vibration Mounts

Anti Vibration Mounts

The Anti Vibration Mounts from the  Isolgomma Megafoot range offer significant vibration reduction for machinery, minimizing the impact on surrounding areas. These mounts can be installed directly onto the machinery. They are ideal for installations where there is limited space or inertia bases are not feasible.

Made up of two shaped stainless steel plates and an anti-vibration pad, Megafoot mounts come in two different densities. The steel plates are threaded at the top and bottom, allowing for secure fixing of the machine. Additionally, they have notched fixing points that can be used for facing to the floor or base structure.

Megafoot anti-vibration mounts help extend the life of machinery. They do this by providing a dampening effect that isolates the machine from external vibrations. This can be especially important in industrial settings where heavy machinery is subject to large amounts of shock and vibration.

The anti-vibration mount typically consists of an av pad made of elastomeric material, such as rubber. This is sandwiched between two metal plates or bars. When the mount is subjected to external vibrations, the rubber absorbs most of its energy before it reaches the machine itself, thus protecting it from damage caused by excessive shaking. In addition to reducing shock and vibration transmission to machines, these mounts also serve as noise absorbers which can reduce ambient sound levels within a working environment.

Available in four sizes and with variable Megamat rubber support densities, Megafoot Anti Vibration Mounts can support loads up to 10000kg and are effective across a wide range of disturbing frequencies.

AV Mounts Features

  • Vibration reduction for a wide range of loads and frequencies
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for loads up to 10,000kg
  • Self-draining and freeze-thaw resistant product
  • Resistant to oils and also to moderately aggressive acids
  • Long-term performance and reliability

Anti-Vibration Mounts Applications

  • HVAC Systems
  • Air compressors
  • Pumps
  • Machine Tools
  • Agricultural and construction equipment
  • Vibrating screens, Hoppers, Silos, Feeder screens
  • Marine propulsion and auxiliary equipment


Megafoot Anti Vibration Mount Dimensions

Thickness of rubber insert (H)mm30505050
Thickness of metal profile (s)mm1.
Length (A)mm100150200250
Width excluding the profile (B) mm5075100200
Threaded fixing (D)M6M8M10M14
Weight (low density)kg0.
Weight (high density)kg0.

Load Capabilities

Megafoot Anti Vibration Mount Loading Capabilities

Anti Vibration Products

All of our anti-vibration products allow for quick and easy installation.  They comprise 2 shaped stainless steel plates with an insert made of selected styrene butadiene rubber fibers ( SBR for short) and granules of rubber. This is hot-pressed with polyurethane glue. All mounts are available in with either high density (H) or low density rubber supports.


This mount provides anti-vibration support for smaller machines.

Length 100 mm, Width 50 mm, Thickness 30 mm, with provision for central fixing with an M6 threaded fixing.


This mount provides anti-vibration support for small to medium-sized machines.

Length 150 mm, Width 75 mm, Thickness 50 mm, with provision for central fixing with an M8 threaded fixing.


For medium to large machines, then this mount will provide the anti-vibration support needed.

Length 200 mm, Width 100 mm, Thickness 50 mm, with provision for central fixing with an M10 threaded fixing.


For large machines, this mount will provide the anti-vibration support required.

Length 250 mm, Width 150 mm, Thickness 50 mm, with provision for central fixing with an M14 threaded fixing.

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