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About Buildtec Acoustics

Buildtec Acoustics provide a comprehensive range of products relating to  acoustic, noise and vibration control in the United Kingdom.

In the UK we are proud to be the sole  distributors for Isolgomma Acoustic Products. Buildtec Acoustics has dedicated itself to solving noise and sound impact issues by  developing products and solutions for many of the common noise and sound insulation problems that can have a negitive affect on peoples lives.

We strive to supply eco-friendly soundproofing and anti-vibration solutions that make a significant contribute to the improvement of home, office and transport structures for the benefit of all who use them. We will continue to invest & develop very effective solutions, while at the seame time maintaining our commitment to eco-friendly methods of production.

Rewall Acoustic Insulation panel for Masonry Walls and suspended ceilings

Excellent group of professional and knowledgeable people. They delivered on time & are super reliable and really easy to work with. Buildtec Acoustics made a significant positive impact on our last project

J Davis - Architect

Airborne, Impact & Vibration Noise – What does it all mean?

When your responsibility is to create spaces that are both comfortable and functional, then dealing with noise pollution is a key task. This article delves into the three primary categories of noise: Airborne, Impact, and Vibration noise. Each has its own unique characteristics and challenges. By exploring what is airborne

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Part E Building Regulations

Part E Building Regulations – A Simple Breakdown Part E of the Building Regulations deals with soundproofing in buildings. It’s titled “Resistance to the Passage of Sound” and sets standards for noise insulation in various structures, including homes and schools. The focus is on preventing unwanted noise from traveling between

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Anti-vibration pads for heavy machinery

Vibrations from heavy industrial machinery can pose significant challenges in industry and cause manufacturing processes to be less efficient and more costly to run.Here’s we  outline some of the main issues associated with these vibrations and how Megamat’s anti-vibration pads  for heavy machinery can mitigate these problems: Issues Related to Vibrations Vibration in

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