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Soundproofing Acoustic Underlay

Our acoustic underlay range of products are ideal for impact sound insulation. They will minimise the noise transference between rooms and floors. Our soundproof underlay range can work with parquet, laminate, carpet or ceramic tiles in a new build or a renovation. They have been very successfully deployed in residential houses, commercial spaces and multiunit housing, such as apartments and flats.

Manufactured to the highest standards and often using recycled material all our acoustic matting products comply with British regulations.


Acoustic Underlay for wood flooring

Our  range of soundproofing underlay products offer great solutions for all type of wooden floors, in particular they operate really well as acoustic underlay for laminate floors but also as soundproofing underlay for parquet or engineered floors. These are high density products offering a range of thickness.


Carpet Acoustic Underlay

Our Sylpro acoustic underlay range are ideal as soundproof carpet underlay. They are made from recycled rubber and are available in a range of thickness.

If you have any questions in relation to soundproofing underlay for any types of wooden floors such as laminate or parquet floors, carpets or ceramic tiles then call our experts on 447553473877 for top quality advice.

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