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Acoustic Wall Panels

Autex Cube Acoustic Panel

Acoustic wall panels, also known as acoustic absorption panels, are designed to minimize the reflection of airborne sound waves by converting sound energy into heat through a frictional process within the absorber. This process effectively reduces reverberation time and excessive noise levels in any given space. Reverberation time, measured in seconds, is the duration it takes for a sound to decay by 60dB.

High reverberation times can occur in both large spaces and small conference rooms if there is insufficient sound absorption from the room’s surfaces. This issue can lead to significant disturbances, particularly in environments like opera halls, conference rooms, and schools, where concentration and clear listening are crucial. Regardless of the size of the space, we offer tailored acoustic solutions to meet your needs.

Our range of acoustic wall panels for walls and ceilings are designed to absorb unwanted reverberant sound, ensuring optimal sound quality and comfort in any environment. Choose from our variety of acoustic wall panels to create a sound-controlled space that enhances clarity and reduces noise pollution.

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