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Mustwall Wall Soundproofing

Mustwall Wall Soundproofing

Mustwall wall soundproofing panels were developed to improve the acoustic insulation of walls. The panels are made from a high density rubber that gives them excellent sound insulation qualities. The number of different thicknesses and sizes available provide solutions for various different soundproofing requirements, for both wall cavities and wall surfaces. Mustwall is manufactured using technology that ensures a low environmental impact making the product very eco- friendly.

Mustwall is our entry level sound insulation panel. Manufactured from SBR and EPDM granules, it has a non-stretch synthetic membrane covering on both sides. Mustwall comes in 10mm and 20mm standard thickness. It is ideal for use on lightweight partition walls.

Mustwall G is a higher density sound insulation panel. Manufactured from SBR granules and fibres, it has a black bituminous protective layer on one side. Mustwall G comes in 10mm and 20mm thicknesses. It is ideal for use on all types of wall construction.

Mustwall 33B is the newest addition to the Mustwall wall soundproofing range. It is a CE marked, 33mm thick acoustic insulation panel, composed of a 20mm-thick high density SBR acoustic panel and a 12.5mm-thick plasterboard slab. Mustwall 33B is ideal for acoustic upgrading of masonry party walls at a minimum loss of valuable room space.


  • CE Marked
  • High density
  • High acoustic insulation value
  • Significantly reduces airborne sound transmission
  • Very durable material
  • Contributes towards LEED accreditation in several areas
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Easy installation

Mustwall is perfect for soundproofing in the following applications:

  • Cavity walls
  • Brick/Block walls
  • Party walls
  • Timber or metal stud walls
  • Ceilings
  • New builds
  • Refurbishments
  • Commercial premises and entertainment venues

Mustwall 33B

Mustwall & Mustwall G

Technical Data

Mustwall & Mustwall G

Description Unit Value
Nominal Thickness mm 10 20
Length mm 1200
Width mm 1000
Sound Transmission Loss (Rw) – Mustwall dB 53 55
Sound Transmission Loss (Rw) – Mustwall G dB 54 56
Overall Superficial Mass kg/m² 8 16
Density kg/m³ 800

Mustwall 33B

Description Unit Value
Nominal Thickness mm 33mm
Length mm 1000 2000
Width mm 1200 1200
Sound Transmission Loss (Rw) dB 54
Overall Superficial Mass kg/m² 19.5
Colour Black/White


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