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Joinwood Acoustic Bearing Strip for CLT Walls & Floors

Joinwood Acoustic Bearing Strip for CLT Walls & Floors

Joinwood CLT Acoustic Bearing Strip is a decoupling element for the reduction of lateral noise transmissions in Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) structures. Joinwood is the result of a research project into the acoustic behaviour of CLT wooden supporting structures. This behaviour is improved through the introduction of this anti-vibration strip.

Joinwood is made from bonded SBR rubber granules and anchored to an anti-tear non-woven backing. Resistant to compression, it maintains excellent elastic properties which dampens the transmission of acoustic waves inside the CLT structure.

Easy to use and to install, Joinwood CLT acoustic bearing strip is applicable within the various configurations of EN ISO 12354 for the management of  X, T and L-shaped junctions in CLT structures. This is an element of primary importance for the improvement of the overall acoustic performance of the structure as well as for the damping of vibrations that can be propagated throughout the structure itself.


  • Long term performance and stability over time
  • Will not compress under high point loads
  • 6mm thick
  • 8m long rolls
  • 100mm and 140mm in width
  • Extremely easy to be installed
  • High acoustic and vibration insulation
  • Eco-compatible – made from recycled materials

Joinwood is perfect for use in the following applications

  • Under X, T and L junctions in CLT structures

Joinwood Technical Information

Description Unit Joinwood 10 Joinwood 14
Nominal Thickness mm 6 6
Length mm 8000 8000
Width mm 100 140
Density kg/m³ 780 780
Dynamic Stiffness UNI EN 29052-1 s’ = 77 MN/m³ s’ = 77 MN/m³
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